Steps to Progress.

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Picture of young man overlooking a futuristic cityscape.
"I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have." – Thomas Jefferson

Introducing The Daily Lion

Hi, my name is Kyle and today is my birthday. It's the perfect day to bring something new to the world. That something is this website - The Daily Lion.

I've decided it's time to start writing again. Writing is the easiest way for me to convey my thoughts and emotions. You might feel inspired and motivated by these thoughts to improve your life.

There Are No Right or Wrong Paths

I've worked many jobs for over half my life, mostly in technology and front-end development. As a front-end developer, I turn designs into interactive websites and apps.

My first job at 13 years old was delivering newspapers before and after school. My upbringing taught me that hard work is necessary to achieve anything in life. As long as you work hard, you will get what you want.

It's advice I've never forgotten and never will. This advice led me through many roles. I've been a paper boy, a till worker, a front-end developer , a "yardie", a warehouse assistant, a writer, an oyster farmer, a co-founder and a cyclist.

Picture of Kyle lifting oyster bags onto a boat.
Stacking hundreds of wire mesh bags full of oysters in 45°C heat, twice daily was quite an experience.

I've received little without earning it. I welcome what I receive with utmost gratitude. To receive, you must first give. This principle has been the cause of frustration at times.

Rethink Reality

Sometimes life isn't fair.

It's not fair growing up in a council house. Especially next door to a kid who once chased me around the village with a kitchen knife.

It's not fair that I've worked hard for opportunities others get easily.

It's not fair that they got the promotion when it's obvious they're not up to the job.

And on, and on.

Instead of blaming our circumstances or others, we can focus on reality. We need to understand that society conditions us to blame anything but ourselves.

Picture of Kyle cycling towards the Rocky Mountains, US.
In 2015 I cycled 4,000 miles in 40 days from San Francisco to New York raising money for young adults with a life-limiting cancer diagnosis.

Escape The Mold

Societal structures are made to stop us progressing.

Those at the top, whether earned or inherited, their mission is to protect their position at all costs.

Those at the bottom, for whatever reason - and there are many - our mission is to struggle and fight to survive.

I hear you, sometimes life isn't fair.

But what if life was fair?

What if we could take advantage of the weaknesses in the structures of society?

What if we could undo centuries of conditioning and live with a purpose that isn't a daily struggle to survive?

We can. And I'm living proof.

Picture of a council house in Wigmore.
The humble house where I grew up. Living in a council house in the UK comes with stigma. More often than not, residents will never leave to live somewhere else. They are wrongly considered "scum" and looked down upon by society. I wouldn't change anything about my upbringing.

Follow The Lion Tracks

Join The Daily Lion journey if you're looking for inspiration to reach your full potential. I'll share my real-world experiences and stories of overcoming struggles.

I will start by sharing progress on 4 personal goals I've set myself for 2024:

  • 🚭 Quit smoking cigarettes
  • 🫃 Lose 10kg in weight
  • 👨‍💻 Learn coding library Web3.js
  • 💰 Achieve 15% return on investments

The 3 categories are health & fitness, personal development, and money. This will become a themed series where I'll share monthly progress.

In 2015, I cycled 615 miles from the UK to France in 5 days. Another time, I cycled 4,000 miles from San Francisco to New York in 40 days. I've lost 10kg before and after a long December of drinking beer, it's time to do it again.

I'm aiming for two major health goals next. First, to quit smoking for good – it's a habit I need to leave behind. Second, to shed the extra weight I've been carrying. I'm looking forward to sharing more of my experiences with physical and mental health.

My ultimate goal is to give you the tools, mindset, and understanding of how the world works. This is something I never had, and a lot of people never will.

If sharing my journey inspires one person, we're a step closer to equal opportunities for all. No matter the starting point.